Everything you need to know about this project

Global Screen, an open project

The project is titled Global Screen, and is based on the book of the same title by Gilles Lipovetsky and Jean Serroy, curators of the exhibition along with Andrés Hispano.

Global Screen deals with all the screens that influence us in the 21st century: cinema, television, computers, smart phones, digital tablets, security screens, etc. All the screens that have entered our lives to stay and whose power is without precedent, affecting all sectors: private, social, cultural, artistic, scientific and political.

Global Screen because it multiplies the images that we consume as spectators and that are shown in the physical exhibition in seven spaces assigned to history, politics, sports, advertising, excess, play and surveillance.

Global Screen because it does not limit itself to images created by specialists (filmmakers, video artists, documentarists, etc.) but also all those images generated by the boom in collective creativity being encouraged by the Internet and new technologies.

Therefore, you are invited to a project that is open, evolutionary and shared.

  • An experiment of creation and co-creation made up of a physical or visitable exhibition that will be held at the CCCB from 21th January to 27th May 2012, and also of a virtual platform that will function before, during and after the physical exhibition.
  • You can discover the view-point proposed by the curators in which their view of the power of screens is developed. And create the counter-point in which you will be able to give your own view, choosing between the seven themes that define the exhibition.



Global Screen, the exhibition

The Global Screen exhibition is structured around the basic – and radical – idea of integrating all kinds of screens – from cinema to mobile phone and including television, computer, videogames and internet screens – into one single continuous screen of over 150 metres. This audiovisual strip breaks the mould of conventional montage through isolated screens, and deconstructs for us the process through which screens today configure each and every one of the spheres of our lives. It is about how the screen becomes the world, and how the world becomes a screen.

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Global Screen, the virtual project

The virtual part of Global Screen is an online platform that will be running before, during and after the physical exhibition, with three differentiated phases:

  1. Incubation. The first phase, devoted to incubation, will serve to reveal those exhibition gestation processes that usually remain hidden, and above all to gather material for the counter-point created by contributors and co-creators.
  2. Exhibition. View-point and counter-point create the dialectical tension of the physical exhibition. On the one hand the view-point: the discourse of the screen skin created by the curators, and on the other, the counter-point: a counter-exhibition created by the users themselves. Global Screen may become a testing ground for the deployment of the exhibition genre online with all the challenges and dilemmas that are raised by a horizon of accelerated changes.
  3. Post-exhibition. Global Screen will continue with touring versions of the physical exhibition, with the creation of an archive that allows the project's conceptual and formal evolution to be recorded, with the contributions of all the contributors and co-creators.


Global Screen may be extended to the networks created during the process and be prolonged to the work groups and the synergies that emerge, and above all to the consequences, still unforeseen, of a virtual platform that may become a node for reflection, creation and experimentation on the mutations that are taking place in the audiovisual galaxy.

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How can I participate?

Global Screen is an open project and it needs your participation. In the view-point, the exhibition presents audiovisual works that reflect each of the screens. It is you the users, however, who will propose the counter-point, based on your own view of these works. Therefore, to participate, all you need to do is create a video on one of the exhibition's seven themes and send it to us together with this form. These videos will form part of both the virtual exhibition, which can be viewed on this website, and the physical exhibition, which can be visited at the CCCB from 24 January to 27 May 2012.


Awareness of the work process

The exhibition's creative process reveals a series of questions that it aims to make visible through the exhibition's virtual platform. Therefore, a blog has been created where curators, collaborators and contributors can expound upon and debate the script's successes and dilemmas, and its progressive formalisation. The blog will feature the curators' reflections on the different screens, interviews with experts and fragments of work meetings, among other entries.



The exhibition is presented consecutively at the Centre de Cultura Contemporània de Barcelona – CCCB and at the San Telmo Museoa, Donostia; and, in 2013 its international tour will kick off at the Centro de las Artes Monterrey, Mexico, on a journey that may be multiple and even simultaneous.

In a project that is defined as eminently open, evolutionary and shared in every sense, in its creation process, in its content and in its form, travelling acquires an emblematic role. Each of the productions at the different institutions hosting the exhibition generates a form of movement, of transformation, of change and of new dialogue with the audiences, who enhance it and enrich it.