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Ana, thanks for a refreshing read. We share many t...

Ana, thanks for a refreshing read. We share many traits, you and I. You know I have always had a passion for the fantastical, the escapist. From Gothmog and his spells that we played together when I was 11 or 12 right up to the MMORPG's of today. Alas, I am freelance and a father now and have had to abandon online games. I simply cannot afford to get hooked these days. I allow myself only offline roleplay games, such as the incredibly addictive but ultimately unfulfilling Skyrim, where without any competition from other players, I alone rule. But in these virtual environments I cannot shake the feeling that the fantastical has been replaced by the ultimate in control from above, confined as we are by the code of the programmers, roaming like a rat in a maze. In the case of online games this control may extend further. Take America's army, created by the military to hone loyalty and inspire violence through online shoot-em-up gameplay. Just a thought...

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