The Global Screen exhibition wishes to incorporate the public's view, by incorporating those videos that you send us through this virtual space into the physical exhibition.

Who can participate?

  • Eligible participants include all individuals, wherever they are resident in the world, who are of adult age, or minors with due authorisation from their parents or legal guardians, regardless of their nationality.
  • The videos must be signed. The person presenting them must be their author or, in the case of minors, their legal guardian (see rules of participation and data protection policy).


What rules must the videos follow?
  • They must be audiovisual pieces of a maximum duration of 2 minutes dealing with the power of screens in the world today.
  • They must be an audiovisual response to the questions posed by the curators.
  • They must be based on one of the screen categories defined in the project: history screen, politics screen, sport screen, advertising screen, excess screen, surveillance screen, game screen..


What will happen with the videos?
  • All those videos received will be incorporated into this virtual platform, VIMEO and into the Counterpoint section of the physical exhibition, with the possibility that they will feature in the exhibition catalogue and the CCCB archive, on the CCCB website and in public communications regarding the exhibition.
  • The organisation reserves the right to not publish any videos with offensive content or that infringe the legislation in force or any fundamental right, or that do not comply with the rules for participation.
  • The period for presenting videos is from 1 October 2011 onwards, without any time limit until the CCCB publishes a deadline for the presentation period on its website This is due to the fact that the CCCB will be organizing different touring versions of the present exhibition during a ten-year period and would like to be able to use your videos during that entire time.
  • The participating videos will compete for a prize consisting of entry tickets for the San Sebastian International Film Festival which will be holding its 60th annual event from 21 to 29 September 2012 (Bases concurso).

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